EMS and Legal Compliance Auditing

Getting an independent review of your EMS can be useful in identifying any areas of potential non compliance especially prior to a certification audit and can provide a useful action plan to ensure any further external audits go  smoothly.

We can also offer a service to get you back up to speed if your own internal audit programme is falling behind. Lets face it with many employees having multiple responsibilities even the best intentioned audit programme can start to slip. Don’t worry we can quickly get you back up to speed and even help you to train more auditors if needed.

One area where many companies particularly value external help is auditing against the environmental legislation that applies to the site activities and processes as required by ISO14001.

After all, each company should aim for legal compliance as a minimum. We can give you and expert and fully independent assessment of your compliance status. We can even fully develop you ‘legal register’ or just update it if needed.